Narwal announces its new S10 Pro wet & dry vacuum mop

Narwal has been doing robot vacuum cleaners for a while now and the last one I reviewed was fantastic, see my Freo X Ultra review. But unfortunately, even as mighty as the Freo X Ultra is, it cannot possibly get everything in your house clean. There are areas, such as under cabinets and in corners, that the round robot just can’t tackle. So, Narwal has introduced the new S10 Pro wet & dry vacuum mop.

Narwal is one of the top five robotic cleaning manufacturers in the world, with over $200 million in annual sales and serving over 1.8 million households. The S10 Pro is a slim, swift upright cleaner that the company has packed with features and tech. Here’s what the press release had to say about the new vacuum mop.

Heavy Messes, One Pass Perfection

The S10 Pro is light but full of might, delivering powerful, deep, and streak-free cleans every time. The powerful vacuum and mop system has 14,000 PA with 76AW suction efficiency and 17N of downward mopping pressure that helps to remove the most stubborn stains. Inside the S10 Pro is an active water cleaning system that utilizes 32 running water streams and intelligent water spraying algorithms to ensure the brush remains moist throughout the cleaning process. While it cleans, it also disinfects surfaces at a 99.99% rate.

Life is full of spills and messes, from kids’ cereal catastrophes to wine mishaps. With its unique ability to separate liquids from solids and give cleaning modes, the Narwal S10 Pro takes it all in its stride. It is equally adept at cleaning wet and dry disasters, and avoids the mess associated with emptying after cleaning up a mix of crumbs and spills that occurs with traditional vacuum mops.

Narwal announces its new S10 Pro wet & dry vacuum mop

Powerful Intelligent Cleaning 

Utilizing Narwal’s revolutionary AI DirtSense™ Technology, the S10 Pro automatically detects the level of floor dirtiness and displays it on its color LCD screen. Depending on the level of dirt, the S10 Pro will seamlessly adjust its suction power and water dispensing levels, toggling through its five cleaning modes to meet any cleaning challenge.

Each of its settings is optimized for various use cases, yet when a heavy disaster is encountered, its ultimate MAX Mode can be selected at the push of a button.  This mode instantly provides a boost of power that increases cleaning efficiency by 200%.

Flat & Flexible

Thanks to its cordless, lightweight design, the Narwal S10 Pro caters to everyone. Weighing under 10 lbs. and featuring self-propulsion, it practically glides across floors with minimal effort, making it perfect for easy prolonged use.

No part of the home can hide from the S10 Pro, as it is designed to get into every nook and cranny. It has total flexibility, with the ability to lie completely flat at 180 degrees, which is great for getting under tables, beds, and chairs. Its edge-to-edge roller has a minimum margin to the edge of just 6mm, and with a fully tilting and rotating handle, it can get into the tightest of corners or navigate around curved tables or walls.

With 50 minutes of battery life, the S10 Pro can cover 3,200 sq ft (ca. 3 a) on a single charge!

The Cleaner that Cleans Itself! 

After cleaning the house, the S10 Pro has another trick up its sleeve: it will clean itself! The process couldn’t be easier; users simply place the S10 Pro in its dock, press the “Self-Clean” button, and the device begins a 10-part cleaning process that automatically scrubs, cleans, disinfects, and dries its roller brush, pipes, and filters.  Using electrolyzed water for germ-free cleaning, the brush will rotate until all unwanted hair and stain residue is gone. It will then proceed to dry itself in 30 minutes or less using both centrifugal dehydration and hot air at a temperature of 133 degrees.  

The process is quick and quiet, with the noise level staying below 58 dB, ensuring the S10 Pro is always in pristine condition to conquer the toughest messes.

“We’re delighted to bring the S10 Pro wet & dry vacuum to market to make cleaning a joy, not a chore,” said Junbin Zhang, Founder, and CEO of Narwal Robotics. “Designed for ease of use as well as practical cleaning, the Narwal S10 Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum and Mop is slim, swift, and skilled, making it as elegant as it is intelligent.”

Availability The Narwal S10 Pro Wet & Dry Vacuum and Mop is available from June 5, 2024, priced at $429.99 USD and $599.99 CAD. Customers can take advantage of a $30 USD / $50 CAD discount by applying the coupon on the listing page, bringing the final price down to $399.99 USD and $549.99 CAD. It is available for purchase on Amazon and the company’s website below.