Morocco Vacations

Morocco is a place where sand embraces the sea and snow. The charismatic beauty of the place is such that it lures visitors from around the world. The southern coast of Morocco converges in the Western Sahara whereas its northern sides are enveloped by the bedazzling snow capped Atlas Mountains. The Atlas Mountains not just add to the scenic splendor of the place but also safeguard it against its hostile neighbor, Algeria. The area between the mountains and Morocco’s Atlantic coast is covered with fertile plains. Beautiful gorges venturing into the sand and stony wastes of Sahara desert can be witnessed at the edge of the Anti Atlas.

Morocco cities are places worth visiting. Perhaps the oldest city of this place is Fes. Fes is also known as the heart of morocco. The medina of Fes el-Bali or Old Fes is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world today. The magnificent gates and walls here add to the grandeur of the place. The Moroccan city of Marrakesh is known for its rich culture and heritage. Marrakesh is the former capital of morocco. Today the city is famous for its vibrant markets and festivals. To keep its visitors especially children busy the city presents a plethora of activities by magicians, snake charmers, acrobats etc. Spring and autumn seasons are ideal to explore this wonderful city. The city of Rabat displays a perfect confluence of historical events and contemporary developments. The ambience of this city is Islamic as well as European in nature.

Other pulls of morocco include Ait Benhaddou, the most exotic and best-preserved kasbahs in the entire Atlas area. It is one amongst the coveted place for film shootings. The beautiful Central Medina is a huge square in the medina that is the backdrop for one of the world’s greatest spectacles. From open-air food stalls to storytellers, snake charmers and musicians here you will find every source of entertainment. Be it any time of the year the Hasan II Mosque, the world’s third biggest religious monument is seldom left unvisited. The exterior of the mosque bears a French design while its interior is dedicated to the Moroccan style. If you want to see the largest and the well-kept Roman ruins in morocco then Volubilis is the place you need to hit. The origins of Volubilis can be traced back to 2nd and 3rd centuries AD though excavations reveal that Carthaginian traders discovered the site.

The month of May is swarming with Muslims because of the Mousseum of sid Mohammed Ma al-Ainin festival. This is an occasion to see the ‘blue people’ i.e Tuareg nomads of Sahara. Also popularly known is the National folklore Festival of Marrakesh. It is a ten-day event that is attended by dancers, musician and other entertainers from all the corners of the city. November is the month of celebration of Independence Day in Morocco.