Latest Post from PC Games Tips Blog, GamerDuomo.com, Announces Information on the Possible Obsoletion of Consoles

Rochester, NY (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

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Today, John Cummings at GamerDuomo published his latest post, titled The Obsoletion of Consoles.

PC gaming fans can access the new blog post here:


In his latest blog post, John explains that the PC has always been able to provide better graphics than any console. He also makes it clear that there is usually a way to downgrade graphics and make the game playable on the Xbox or PlayStation.

He then explains that, due to some amazing footage shown at E3, developers have been able to create awesome graphics that take gaming technology to a whole new level. John believes this is a level that PC technology could never even dream of matching.

The creation of the Unreal Engine 4 and the new Star Wars 1313 breached the real-time wall and now we can create movie quality CG in-game while youre playing John says.

He continues to explain that these graphics are only possible due to the new advances in PC computer technology. John advises some gamers to consider upgrading their hardware to ensure that the games are fully playable at their optimum graphics level.

John admits to being pumped about the new announcements. He mentions that he is delighted to see that PC gaming is finally back in the publics eye, after so many years of being overshadowed by the myriad of consoles that have been released to the market.

No idiot can even attempt to say that consoles look just as good and naturally, Sony and Microsoft will have to release their PS4s and Xbox 540s or whatever stupid name they come up with he adds.

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