Importance of process mapping software

Business process mapping is a procedure used for graphical image of business processes in a view of a process map. The process map illustrates all the process associated activities, including volumes of input and output, approvals, exceptions, and cross-functional hand-offs. The fundamental objective of the map is to give a unite idea of business processes, so that participating enterprises and individuals can have an understanding of their precise role in the overall business process

Most of the enterprise allowing business process mapping for the first time typically have two objectives: they need enhanced lucidity of, and operational compliance to, their everyday events. Their reasons are many and varied but more frequently than not it is to improve operational effectiveness and competence or to manage some form of change program.

Importance of process mapping software:

• provides a total and transparent view of the business process.

• Gives a comprehensible and logical way of thinking about business process.

• Gives a way of communicating business process to others.

• Describes potential ‘fail’ and ‘delay’ points.

• Describe exactly how stakeholders are operationally implicated.

• recognize how we can deliberately seek response for business process improvement purposes.

There are also some facts that an expert should know from business process mapping software are:

• Introduction Lean and BPM Principles

• Process Identification and Document Control

• The Discovery Process – Data Gathering

• Rosie’s Diner Simulation Exercise

• Interviewing and Mapping

• Analyzing Data and Opportunity Analysis

• Swim Lanes Methodology

• Microsoft Visio Mapping Overview

• Popular Symbols

• Page Controls

While evaluating right business process mapping tool for streamlining processes and making them more proficient it is necessary that the process mapping software will follow all the BPMN guideline.

Business process mapping software will help companies to reduce lead time and improve quality, client satisfaction and profits. During the evaluation process everybody will know a hand on mapping process experience and utilize it.