How to Select a Blog Template through Blogger

To choose your blog template when you use Google Blogger, you don’t have to look outside Blogger itself. Blogger users can choose from a variety of templates that you can access by using the Blogger dashboard:

Sign in to your Blogger account.

Your Blogger dashboard opens.

From the Blogger dashboard, click the Layout link for your blog.

The Layout configuration page for your blog appears.

Select the Pick New Template tab from the navigation bar to open the Select a New Template for Your Blog page.

Each template available from Blogger includes a Preview Template link beneath the template choice box.

Click the radio button next to the name of the template you want to preview, and then click the Preview Template link beneath the template box.

A new window that displays your existing blog, formatted with the new template, appears.

Click the Close button in the upper corner of the preview window to close it.

The Select a New Template for Your Blog page reappears.

Repeat Steps 4 through 6 until you find a template that you like.

Take your time previewing all the different template options that are available from Blogger, to find the one that works best for your blog. Your changes are not final until you click the Save Template button.

Click the Save Template button to save your blog with the template you chose.

You can then click the View Blog link to see your changes live on your blog.
Because the Blogger templates are available for free to every Blogger user, the downside to choosing one is that it doesn’t make your blog unique. In other words, your blog might not stand out in the crowded blogosphere.