How To Power Your Website With Twitter Bootstrap Theme

Twitter Bootstrap is a collection of tools created by Twitter to help people build web design themes and application. You can find them with WordPress and other major hosts. They’€™re simple to install and use. Test them out with one of your websites and see if they work out for you. Here’s how you can power your website with a Twitter Bootstrap theme.

What is Bootstrap on a Lower Level?

Let’€™s take a look at what Bootstrap is when we look at it from a design point of view. It’€™s not a plugin or a theme where you can just click a button and install it. You need a separate plugin for this, although these aren’€™t recommended since they’€™re still highly unstable.

Bootstrap themes are a collection of CSS and Javascript file components which are ready to use as part of a web application. It sounds quite complicated. Novices generally struggle to implement them. Instead, they employ an expert to do it for them.

To properly power a website, you’re going to have to delve into the basic components of what makes up a website.

Make a Theme

Bootstrap isn’€™t simply about the aesthetics of a theme. It’€™s about being able to manipulate different aspects of it. If you don’€™t like the width of the content space you can change it by simply altering the code. Bootstrap is a platform not a theme maker in itself. You have complete control over everything.

Powering Your Site

It all starts with making a theme which suits your website. The files you make must be uploaded to the server directly, as is the case with any other theme. As an example of this, go to any of your websites not made with Bootstrap and logon to your host server. The host will have all these files stored here. View all the different folders. You need most of these base files to power your site.

If you want to make a site from Bootstrap, you must upload these same files. It all starts with HTML and some CSS.

Responsive Design

You don’€™t have to worry about whether your website will be responsive. Twitter Bootstrap receives regular updates, so it’€™s managed to stay updated with the major changes in the industry. The only disadvantage of the tools is there’€™s no support for the new languages of HTML5 and CSS3.

Whilst this isn’€™t really a problem right now, designers who want to get ahead of the game won’€™t be able to use them. Twitter Bootstrap makes it easy to power your website using the here and now, though. It will automatically adjust itself according to whatever device is attempting to access the website.

Is it the Best Way to Power Your Website?

Bootstrap offers so many benefits it’s hard to discount it. It’€™s no surprise NASA has used these web application tools in their own computer programs. It isn’€™t however ideal for novices who don’€™t know anything about coding. For everyone else, this is ideal for gaining control over your website’€™s looks and getting a unique look nobody else can replicate.

Rachel is a web developer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She regularly uses Bootstrap themes Bootstrap themes to help her clients improve their websites. She believes a good Bootstrap themes leaves a lasting first impression and reduces web bounce rates.