How To Develop A Successful Direct Mail Campaign For Mortgage Applications

Direct marketing:

Direct marketing is more than direct mail. As marketing technology advances, so do opportunities to segment, test and target marketing campaigns.

Direct Marketing Success For Real Estate Pros

Mortgage Direct Mail Information Reverse Mortgage Mailer FHA Loan Mailer ARM Mortgage Mailer QUALIFIED LEADS – VARIABLE DATA We send all mortgage mailers to homeowners based on credit driven criteria you select. MORTGAGE LETTERS THAT WORK Your mortgage mailer is 100% customized for your specific strategy, competitive advantages, brand and company. Increase your business with a targeted ARM, FHA, or Reverse Mortgage Mailer today! MORTGAGE MAILINGS THAT GET OPENED Upgrade your mailer with our Rush Priority Mail envelopes that entice the homeowner to open and read the enclosed mortgage letter. Adjustable Rate Mortgage – ARM – Mortgage Mailer Our clients have had huge success with our Adjustable Rate Mortgage Mailer. This mailer prompts response by using data and mortgage payment increases based on the homeowner’s loan. If you do not already have a targeted ARM mailing list for your mailer, our team of marketing professionals will assist you in establishing what list criteria will work best for you. Reverse Mortgage Mailer The Reverse Mortgage Mailer targets homeowners over age 62 and gives the look and feel of a official document regarding a FHA Home Benefit Program. Our Reverse Mortgage mailer is the top choice among reverse mortgage specialists and produces great responses from homeowners over the age of 62. FHA Streamline Mortgage Mailer The FHA Streamline Mortgage Mailer is the newest mailer to our product line. Customized Mortgage Mailer Customize your very own mortgage mailer! Large (6×9) 4-Color Envelope Small (4×9) 4-Color Envelope The Rush Priority Mail envelope is an attractive envelope that looks like an official document from someone important…YOU!