Headaches while gaming? Advil has some tips!

If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely been there. Partway through an intense gaming session and you get hit with a headache. Advil Head Settings is a series of genre-based guidelines that empower gamers of all levels to fine-tune their in-game PC settings, effectively reducing the onscreen stimulation that can lead to headaches.

Advil consulted with Dr. Séamas Weech, a cognitive scientist and professional gamer @mtashed (Michael Tash) to develop these guidelines which cover First-Person Perspective, Action RPGs, Third Person Perspective, MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Role-Playing Games, Sports, and Racing games.

“For over a decade I’ve been exploring the intricate interactions between the brain and body in complex. Advil Head Settings offers the gaming community the opportunity to customize their visual experience, with a reduction in the stimuli that can lead to headaches.”

Dr. Séamas Weech, PhD.

Based on Weech’s findings, Advil Head Settings showcase the customized settings combinations that directly target visual triggers for headaches, with a noticeable reduction in triggers that can impact headaches.

Depending on the game you typically play, Advil Head Settings have a number of graphics to show you what settings to toggle in-game to help prevent getting a headache while gaming. As first-person shooters like Call of Duty are pretty popular, we’ve included that graphic below. You can head over to the Advil Head Settings website to see the rest. And hey, if the settings don’t help, there’s always Advil, right? 😉

Advil Head Settings for an FPS game to help prevent a headache while gaming
Advil Head Settings for an FPS game to help prevent a headache while gaming.

In case you’re curious, you can check out a “Making Of” video on the science behind Advil Head Settings below: