Getting Support on MetaTrader Programming Software

Sometimes, the troubleshooting of some errors is necessary in MetaTrader programming projects. Instead of contacting immediately your provider and claim that the software is defective, you may try to do the following steps and measures:

Make sure that the program has been installed properly. More often than not, MetaTrader programs sent to you by your provider will contain more than one file. Each of those files must be copied and pasted into their respective folders in your MetaTrader root directory. Also, make sure that the filenames are correct, especially if you are going to use a third party software not created by your chosen programmer. If there are still any missing files reported on MetaTrader after proper installation, report this to your provider immediately.

See if MetaTrader is working correctly. Are you using a demo account or a live account? Is the account still active and able to process trade requests? Have you enabled all options that would allow the software to work properly. Often, the delivered software program is not the one that causes the problem, but the some settings on the MetaTrader platform itself. Having a certain degree of mastery of the platform is therefore helpful in troubleshooting common problems in Forex software.

Check the MetaTrader help file. The help file on MetaTrader gives so much information on almost every aspect of the MetaTrader platform. As a matter of fact, statements in the help file are often used in the MetaTrader forums in dealing with some problems with custom programs.

Check your parameters. Is your lot size correct and meets the minimum requirement of your broker? Have you made sure that your takeprofit and stoploss values are not within the spread? These innocent looking parameters often creates all sorts of error messages and codes on the platform. See if those parameters satisfy the policies of your broker.

Take note of error messages. Error messages and codes gives hints on the problem that exists with the custom software. Whether they are scripts, indicators, or even expert advisors, these codes serves as clues useful in troubleshooting both for the trader and the provider.

Search the MetaTrader website. The MetaTrader website, available at http://www.mql4.com, provides a wealth of information about software tips and solutions to common problems encountered by traders and programmers alike. Here you may also find a list of error codes and the possible causes for such errors.

Get support from your provider. Proviers usually offer technical support on their own software. It may take a matter of time before you could receive a reply from your provider’s technical support team. Contacting your provider could serve as a last resort, but the above-mentioned steps can also be done while waiting for their reply. Always supply all helpful information and the troubleshooting steps that you have performed in order to resolve the problem, in order to guarantee faster resolution.

Always remember that if you experience any problems with MetaTrader, it’s not always the software that is responsible for them. Try to view the problem at different angles, search for helpful information, and troubleshoot the issue with your provider before claiming that the software does not meet your specifications.