Get The Best Computer Music Recording Software For Your Money

As there is a credit crunch, people are looking to get the best computer music recording software for their money.

If you want to buy professional music recording software that uses professionally recorded sound samples and not want to break the bank on Cubase or Pro Tools, then DubTurbo may be just what you are looking for.

DubTurbo doesn’t require you to spend hours reading manuals as it comes with easy to follow video tutorials that can have you making your first beat in 20 minutes to an hour.  It also has loads of sound samples, effects and you can record on the fly using your computer keyboard as a synth or drum machine.

It is really a beat making software program but you can realistically make any genre of music from Reggae, House, Gabber, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jungle and more.

DubTurbo is compatible with most operating systems both Mac and PC but I would suggest using a computer with a 2.4 GHz processor and at least 512 MB of RAM to get the best out of it.

It has an intuitive interface and comprises many features which include a 16 track sequencer which allows you to drag and drop your audio around, record to a metronome, draw in your beats, full editing capability and you can export your masterpieces to red book CD standard.

The drum machine has over 40 kits in many genres to choose from and have been recorded in professional studios by quality musicians.

 Again, you can draw or tap in your beats, edit, drag and drop and export.

The 4 octave keyboard is used for the melodies which allows you to do the same things as above but also quantize and comes with a selection of 1000’s of sounds to choose from such as soft synths and effects.

There is also full technical support available.

This really is a great piece of software for the beginner but the experienced producer can also get use out of it as another tool to their box.

 With the tutorials there is always something to learn.

To find out more about DubTurbo click the link to this professional music recording software