Free Hosting Provider Closes

These days, it is not difficult to find hosting providers that allows you to use their services for free. If you choose this option to host your site, then you should know several aspects about it that you should take into account.
First of all, most free hosting providers will place advertisements on your web pages. Some of them bank on pop-up ads. These ads can distract your visitors’ attention. Furthermore, they may not fit in with the topic of your site. However, this is how they can provide their service at no cost.
There are also risks that a free hosting provider closes their services. When this happens you will lose account, including all the pages that you have uploaded to their server.
With free web hosts, you will get a free domain name, more precisely a subdomain name. You will find it very difficult to get a good rank in search engines. Search engines tend to consider websites which use domain names as unprofessional. And they render you hard to gain trust from site visitors.
Also, features offered by free hosting are quite limited. Lots of them do not allow you to setup databases for your site. This means many scripts cannot be installed on their servers. They normally do not even allow you to setup multiple email accounts.
And What is more, most of the time the disk spaces offered by free hosting are not enough to store a large website.The same is also true for the bandwidth provided. Most free hosting services are not suitable for busy sites which have tons of visitors.
In summary, similar with any other kinds of services or products, there is nothing really free in this life. In the case of free hosting service, the costs you have to pay are the confinement and limitation you have to incur.
This article is not meant to make you stay away from free hosting services. If you want to build a hobby site that do not require bells and whistles then you may go for them. However, if you develop a professional site then a paid web host should be your choice.