Florida Legal Nurses: Legal Nurse Who is Right for the Job

In the past, the field of nursing has certain limitations. The most common areas of specialty for the nurses include serving in the military, while the most number of nurses work within medical facilities and hospitals. During the current times, there is a new area of specialization in nursing, which is within the field of legal consulting. If you want to become a legal nurse, you have to become a registered nurse consultant within the legal field. You will be utilizing your medical expertise and training, in order to assist cases that are related with medical issues. The fee for legal nursing consultation is $125 to $150 each hour. If you are already working within healthcare institutions, you can still become a legal medical consultant.


There are only a few numbers of lawyers that are capable of reading or interpreting the medical records of their clients. Plus, these lawyers cannot comprehend medical terminologies well. Neither are they too aware of health care issue subtlety, which can help the lawyers provide their clients with positive results. Florida legal nurses bridge the knowledge gap of attorneys. While a lawyer is an expert on the legal aspects of their cases, a legal nurse is knowledgeable over the medical aspects of cases. If the case is regarding medical issues, legal nurses are of great help to the attorneys.


There are several things that Florida legal nurses do for medicine-related cases, such as the following:

–         screen or look through cases for good points

–         perform literature research

–         aid with the discovery

–         review the client’s medical records

–         distinguish nursing standards

–         prepare summaries and reports regarding the degree of illness or injury

–         come up with demonstrative case proof

–         act, or search for expert witnesses


Though legal nurses usually perform their job behind the case, they may also act as witnesses. In general, a legal consulting nurse works as a special member within the litigation group. The professional medical assistance of a legal nurse is critical, especially if the case is related with medical issues. If you want to work within this field of nursing, you have to take up a handful of courses. After you graduate from these courses, you will be provided with certifications that will allow you to enter the legal field. There are some programs that provide basic education. There are also programs that offer complete training.


If you are a lawyer and you want the medical expertise of a legal nurse to help you with the case you are handling, the most convenience choice would be to look online. There are a lot of websites that offer legal nurse consultants. One of these is Nurse Legals Consulting, which offers Florida legal nurses to assist you with your legal medical cases. This service provider offers wide-ranged services. These include the following:

–         thorough analysis of your client’s medical records

–         an analysis on the strength or weakness of the case

–         identification of the case’ timelines and chronologies

–         lead identification that is related with medical expertise

–         preparation of case and trial assistance

–         in-depth research regarding medical products, nursing, and pharmaceutical

–         identification of possible case players

–         identification of case standards, based on the presented case issues

–         analysis of case arguments

–         assessment of the degree of damage and causation