Evernote Versus Microsoft Onenote In The Battle Of Note Taking Software

Evernote is now my note taking software of choice for 5 good reasons:
I am a voracious consumer of information, and oftentimes I find myself saving little notes of information throughout my day â€âeuroœ articles, pictures, quotes, recipes, etc. – things I know I’ll want later. Note taking software is the perfect tool for this situation.
In previous posts, I’ve written about my love for Microsoft OneNote, which is a great note taking tool. But I recently started using Evernote on the recommendation of a friend, and I must say that I am really impressed and plan on using Evernote for most of my note taking needs.
So why Evernote over OneNote? Here are my reasons:
1.It’s cross platform. I am now using both the Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as a Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad. I know…I’ve got issues. But finding a note taking program that works on all of my various devices isn’t one of them! Evernote works perfectly on all of these different systems.
2.It takes advantage of the cloud to sync my information. If I enter a note on one device, it syncs the information to my cloud-based account and then makes it available on every device that I use Evernote on.
3.Notes are easily shared. Evernote’s Premium edition â€âeuroœ which is only $ 45 for the year â€âeuroœ allows me to easily share notes with friends and let them edit notes that we are collaborating on. This is a little more challenging with Microsoft OneNote.
4.It’s super easy to use. The application has been really well designed, so capturing, saving and finding information is very easy.
5.It works with a lot of third party applications. Developers of integrated their applications with Evernote to make it infinitely useful. Automatically send scanned receipts to Evernote, get recipes from Epicurious, or automatically save posts from your Twitter and Facebook feeds.
As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to love Evernote. I still think Microsoft OneNote is a great application, but if you want to take your note taking capabilities to a higher level, Evernote should be your tool of choice.