Entry Level Finance Jobs – the First Rung

Finding a job within the finance sector can be a challenging prospect for an entry level candidate because of the intense competition that exists within this job market. In fact, most employers within this sector often show employment preference to those finance candidates that possess a certain level of commercial experience. This also makes it difficult for an entry level finance candidate to take their first step on the finance career ladder. Having said this, with the aid of a specialist recruitment firm that possesses expert knowledge and experience in the area of finance recruiting, entry level candidates have an increased chance of reaching that first rung. Quanta is certainly a good example of a company, which possesses the resources and human capital required for providing effective recruitment solutions for entry level finance candidates. Since the company was incorporated in 1992, the company has been providing recruitment services to many companies within the finance sector.

Furthermore, their extensive clientele base also includes some of the world’s best known brand names. Quanta also builds and maintain close relationships with top finance management. This allows Quanta to obtain immediate visibility on new positions and it gives Quanta the ability to source those few companies which have entry level positions on offer. All this implies that with Quanta assistance, entry level candidates are almost guaranteed of a successful recruitment outcome. Regardless of whether a finance candidate is looking for an IT role within the finance sector, a banking role or either permanent or contract role, Quanta can provide them with the necessary assistance. Quanta’s team of fully trained recruitment consultants are fully dedicated to providing candidates with a customized recruitment service which meets their exact requirements.

It is also worth mentioning that Quanta has some of the most sophisticated and advanced back office tools within the industry. This gives Quanta a competitive advantage over other recruitment agencies; an advantage they can pass on to their finance candidates. Quanta is one of the few recruitment agencies which provide post-recruitment support and guidance to their candidates. The Quanta candidate care program is the embodiment of this fact. The program was designed to ensure that candidates make immediate positive impact and progress within their new roles. This is especially useful to the entry level finance candidate because the fast-paced finance work environment will certainly call for some sort of support.