Easy Ways to Integrate Technology into Classroom Routines

Many academic institutions now take advantage of technology to make the educational process a lot more effective and interesting. The access to the internet has really made it easier for students to learn new things and even visit sites like Payforessayonline.com where they can pay for essay online and get comprehensive writing assistance.

Educational experts are of the view that technology can be even more effective when integrated into the learning experience rather than being used separately. Many schools have already realized it and are actively taking measures to integrate technology into the curriculum. Of course, there are challenges to overcome. For instance, it is difficult to find ways to use technology and help students find time from core educational activities to use it. Many teachers don’t have enough personal experience with technology, so they find it difficult to incorporate technology-based projects and activities into the curriculum.

Here are some easy ways in which teachers can get familiar with technology and integrate it into classroom routines.

Start Using an Online Weather Forecast

Instead of simply talking about the date and local weather, elementary grade teachers can visit a site like The Weather Channel, UM Weather, or USA Today Weather to explain things better.

Add URLs in Monthly Calendar

Teachers can find a printable and editable coloring calendar that they can distribute among their students with some URLs of a few sites talking about specific months events. A September calendar can have links to sites about Grandparents’ Day, Labor Day, and Hispanic Heritage Month.

Access Online Weather Forecast in Different Languages

Teachers can start foreign language classes with a discussion about the date and weather and get information online in German, French, Spanish, and other languages.

Find Mathematics Problems Online

Teachers can integrate technology into classroom by adding a weekly mathematics challenge to their math lessons. Many online forums offer math problems in several categories that teachers can use.

Write a URL instead of a Quote

Teachers can also start their class by providing a URL instead of writing a quote on the chalkboard. They can encourage students to check those URLs and then discuss them. Similarly, they can also include an online word in students’ daily activities to build their vocabulary.

Make History Interesting

History can be a boring subject, but teachers can help students travel back in time by sharing URLs to specific historic places and events.

Make Use of Online Work Sheets

One simple way for teachers to integrate technology into classroom routine is to utilize online worksheets. Several sites such as Education World offer some printable worksheets that promote creative writing activity. Teachers can use them for better effects.

Assign Online Reading Comprehension and SAT Practice

A great piece of advice for teachers who want students to get familiar with technology is to offer online SAT practice. Students can always benefit from additional SAT and PSAT practice. Similarly, they can also add a reading comprehension activity to their students’ language arts curriculum. Several sites offer vocabulary completion exercises, vocabulary matching exercises, written discussion exercises, and much more.

Take Advantage of Online News Sources

Teachers can encourage students to search online media for current events contributions. They can search MSNBC and CNN for national and international news. Teachers can also help students connect news with their own lives. Students can use other online news resources to further explore the issues of the day. Science teachers can gain access to online science related to NASA, Godard Space Centers, etc. and make it easier for students to understand the science behind the latest events and scientific advancements.

Use Online Maps in Geography Class

Maps can be boring but teachers can use online geography resources to raise students’ awareness about this subject. There’s so much a teacher can use, ranging from resources offered by the National Geographic Geography Bee to Map Machine and more.

Try Online Games

One super effective way to integrate technology into the learning process is to encourage students to play some stimulating online games that test their problem-solving skills. Games like checkers, Battleship, BreakOut, tic-tac-toe, etc., will all work.