Create Ghost Bootup CD from 2 Floppies

This trick shows you how create a Ghost bootup CD from two floppy disks. The instructions based on Ghost 8, but similar procedures can be done on different versions of Ghost.

Symantec Ghost is an utility to backup/restore hard drives and partitions. The backup feature requires a “fresh” bootup that is done by using bootup disk(s). This way, no Windows programs are executed providing the backup process a full access to all files and folders, including system files.

Because of this, Symantec Ghost normally comes with a bootup wizard which allows users to create the bootup disks; however, the wizard only allow you to create bootup floppy disks, and in many situations, you would have a tough time using the floppies. The reasons can be the speed, bad performance, or the lifetime concern of the floppy disks… Would it be cool if you can create a CD out of those floppies and worry free?

This page does not provide instructions how to create Ghost boot disk, it only helps you how to create a bootup CD out of the two floppies. For instructions how to create Symantec Ghost Boot Disk, click Here.
Use this trick at your own risk.

Here’s how
  1. Create the two Ghost bootup floppy disks. (Click Here for details).
  2. Let’s call the first bootup floppy is “Disk #1” and the second disk is “Disk #2“.
  3. With “Disk #1“, Create (if not already exists) a file called “mouse.ini“.
  4. With “Disk #1“, open the file “mouse.ini” with Notepad, and add the following lines:
    MouseType = PS2
  5. To enable the CD-ROM driver (so that the CD-ROM can be accessible), search for the files “OAKCDROM.SYS” and “MSCDEX.EXE” from your computer and copy them to “Disk #1“.
    If you cannot find these files, you can download them here, then extract them to “Disk #1“.
  6. With “Disk #1“, open the file “CONFIG.SYS“, then edit this file so that it looks like follows. (Note! If you created the the bootup floopy disks WITHOUT a network driver, use only the first and the last line from below, remove all the lines which start with “DEVICE=net”)
    DEVICE=netprotman.dos /I:net
  7. Still with the same file, edit the line “DEVICE=NETEL90x.dos” above to the appropriate driver file.
    (Note! “EL90x.dos” is a driver file for 3COM 90x NIC. Look under the “net” folder of your first floppy to find out the right name of this driver file. This file only exists in the first disk if the floppy set has been created with Network option).
  8. With “Disk #1“, open the file “AUTOEXEC.BAT” with notepad. Edit the file to have it loads the CD-ROM driver, mouse driver, and launch GHOST.EXE as example below.
    (Note! If the bootup is not Network enable, remove the line “netnetbind.com“).

    Sample AUTOEXEC.BAT file:

  9. Create the CD with bootable option. This can be done with any recording software (i.e. Nero).
    Use “Disk #1” as boot image.
  10. Create a new folder on the CD contents, called “ghost“, then add the executable file “Ghost.exe” into the folder from “Disk #2” (“Ghost.exe” must be in the “ghost” folder since we have created the “AUTOEXEC.BAT” script to look for this file there.)
  11. Congratulation! the CD you have created is a Symantec Ghost bootable CD. As long as you have CD-ROM bootup enable, you can use this CD to bootup your computer and use the Ghost tools.