Create a Standard Ghost Bootup

This trick shows you how create a standard Symantec Ghost bootup floppy set (i.e. without Network). The “Standard Ghost Boot Disk” option from Symantec Ghost allows you to create a set of 2 bootable floppy disks to use with Ghost tools for backup/restore hard drives and partitions.
The “Standard Ghost Boot Disk” does not allow you to access the network resources (i.e. GhostCast), but it does allow you to read and write from your CD-ROM and DVD drives as well as USB external drives.
If you’re looking for the instructions how to create a Network Ghost Bootup, click Here.
Or if you’re looking for the instructions how to create a Ghost Bootup CD from the two floppy disks, click Here.
Use this trick at your own risk.

Here’s how

  1. Open the “Symantec Ghost Boot Wizard“.
  2. Select “Standard Ghost Boot Disk” and click “Next“.
  3. Leave the default options as is and click “Next“.
    Note that even though you are not selecting the “USB Support” option on this screen, you’ll still be able to access your USB external devices. The “USB Support” option here is for “Peer-to-peer“.
  4. Click “Next” on the next screen to “Use PC-DOS“.
  5. On the next screen, you’ll need to specify where the file “ghost.exe” is located. This file is normally installed to a path as example below, but you should double check. Then click “Next“.

  6. Click “Next” on the next screen to use default options for external storage devices.
  7. Click “Next” on the next screen:
  8. Click “Next” on the Review screen:
  9. A message will display telling you that you will need two floppy disks. Click “OK“.
  10. The Boot Disk Wizard will start to erase your floppy and create the boot data. Once it’s done with the first disk, it will prompt for a second one.