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ney, money! We all want some of it, especially if you are a small business, have bad credit or just in need to establish corporate credit funding without a personal guarantor. If you haven’t been in business very long then your chances of getting the corporate credit you need is not very likely to happen.

We are the gurus of raising you the corporate funding without any personal guarantee. We have done it over and over again for our clients. Corporate credit funding is available 24/7 for everyone without having to access any personal credit scores or a personal guarantor. Even if your personal credit scores are less than stellar we will get you the small business credit, business credit cards and unsecured business lines of credit you need to start or grow your business.

Other corporate credit consulting companies will tell you to buy a shelf corporation or tell you that your credit score has to be in the top echelons of the universe but they are very wrong. Powerful Credit Inc knows the legal loopholes and the credit pattern to raise you the corporate credit without the risk of buying an old company or using your own and having it get flagged for not understanding a certain credit behavior..

There are many shelf corporation resellers out there, but there is a small number of corporate credit funding consulting companies on the Internet. What make us unique are the results we consistently produce for our clients. No other company will get you $300k in 12 months. Most other companies will tell you they possibly can get you $50,000-$75,000 in that amount of time with absolutely no guarantees at all. Think about it, which would you rather have, $75k or $300k in a year if you had to pay taxes and keep activity on each company?

The small business credit we are able to get does not happen overnight if you are do not have a good personal credit. It will take some time, hard work and effort on your part as well. We will ask you to do certain things to help your corporate credit portfolio and ability to continue receiving corporate financing and a business line of credit in the future. These steps we ask are important to ensure that you receive the corporate funding available. Business lines of credit and business credit cards will take your business to another level.

Our Powerful Credit Builder program will reform your idea of credit and small business financing. The corporate consultants we have on staff will assist you in receiving millions of dollars in corporate funding such as business lines of credit, store credit and business credit cards.

You should be spending your valuable time doing what you enjoy and working your business not it working you. If you are ready to take the next step in receiving the small business credit you want, then come see us on the web and get started with corporate credit funding on our website http://www.powerfulcredit.com