Cloud Communication

For those who are unaware, cloud is just a better definition of hosted. Instead of owning and maintaining your hardware and software which cost a premium to setup, you could be running off a hosted environment, where you pay a monthly fee, where you might be so happy as if you walk on the clouds or run lousy as a nasty cloudy day.

As individuals we are all very cloud dependent, and we love it not only because it simplify our lives it give us the freedom and opportunity to stay in touch and in control, and above all it is free. Especially with Google is it Gmail, Gtalk or Google Voice, Skype or any other provider for any other cloud services the list is endless, and since most of the services are free we will accept the cloudy weather if there are (not that there are much of it, but when it is cloudy we will live with it) in short it is no cost and fairly reliable – a great match.

On the other hand companies are also relying one way or another on the clouds some for applications or for file storage and transfer utilities or at least for email and web servers, which are maintained and managed by third parties for a premium, and it is with ouch more caution, it is one think when it comes to email or web servers, since being down a few minutes is livable, but when it comes to applications being down is totally unacceptable, but nowadays when redundancy and backup is so cheap that it almost eliminated the idea of a cloudy skies for cloud for business so it is much more reliable and it is more efficient that’s why it is getting more and more main stream,

The same is with communication in the clouds or if you want to call it by its other name Hosted Phone System PBX. Hence it is a much newer technology which means it offers hands down much greater features than your own PBX and it is way cheaper in price, many hosted providers had to work harder to find the proper setups for redundancy and backup and until recently this was a work in progress for most providers, since a business without phones could not survive a single day (even an hour is unacceptable) one could understand why business owners are reluctant to go with cloud communication, Voore and some other companies have multiple backups and running on fully redundant systems, which creates a 99.9 uptime percentile environment.