CBC investigation says Apple overestimates repair costs to push users into new devices

The high cost of MacBook Pro’s and iPhones also bring unnecessarily high cost repairs. According to a CBC report.

CBC investigation

We already know that Apple devices are among the most expensive consumer technology devices on the market. They’re also expensive to fix. A new CBC investigation shows that they may not actually be that expensive to fix after all. The CBC investigation asserts that Apple is overestimating repair costs on devices in order to push users into new devices.

The CBC investigation took broken devices to the Apple Store for diagnosis and then took them to a 3rd party repair shop and the diagnosis and costs were dramatically different. We already know that Apple is considering implementing software that would basically prevent users and repair shops from completing repairs on Apple devices. This CBC investigation opens up a whole new set of questions the company should have to address.

Apple’s possible software block against 3rd party repairs is controversial enough. One side supports Apple closing their ecosystem to repair shops and users claiming it increases privacy and security. By only allowing Apple to repair devices it cuts out the potential of someone gaining access to a users data. The other side fights for the right to repair the device they bought and paid for, without having to pay an extra premium for repairs. That debate is already hot and heavy. This news from the CBC is only going to fuel the fire.

Check out the full video report below from CBC Canada.