Burn ISO Image to CD or DVD

Ok, I have an ISO file, now what? I can’t see the files or folders inside although I copied it to a CD/DVD… Well, an ISO file is an image of a CD or DVD, simply copy it to a CD or DVD as a data file won’t be enough. You can think of an ISO image as a “compressed” file. For a CD/DVD ISO, you’ll need to burn it out to a blank disc, but with the “image burning” option. Most current burning applications come with this option, and they’ll all do the same thing: Extract the files to a temporary location then burn them to CD/DVD.
One big advantage of using ISO image file for CD/DVD is, the image file contains all files/folders and the structure of the CD/DVD, including the hidden sectors, for example, the boot sectors. Some CD/DVD are “bootable”, which means you can use the CD/DVD to startup your pc and run some installations or utility. With this kind of CD/DVD, when you view the contents in Windows, you won’t see the bootable portion. And when you make a copy of the CD/DVD using the normal method for files, the bootable sectors will NOT be included. However, the Image method will take care of that.
With that said, when you’re making a copy of your CD/DVD and you are not sure if the CD/DVD has some hidden contents or bootable sectors, then you better use the ISO image method to make sure everything gets copied.
This page shows you how to burn the ISO image back to CD/DVD, assume that you already have an ISO image is an image created from a CD/DVD.
For instructions how to create an ISO image from a CD/DVD, click Here.
The steps of burning an ISO image to CD/DVD are different depending on which tool you use. However, the following key points should be the same:
  1. Insert a blank CD/DVD.
  2. Open the burning tool.
  3. Select the burning option for ISO/image.
  4. Browse to the ISO/image file.
  5. Burn to CD/DVD.

Detailed Steps
The following sample instructions use Free Easy CD/DVD Burner v1.2. This is a free burning tool with advertising supported, but no spyware or adware. You can download this program from Softpedia, or v4.2 here
  1. If you have not installed a burning program, download the tool above and install it. Make sure to reboot after the installation.
  2. Insert a blank CD/DVD.
  3. Open the Free Easy CD DVD Burner program.
  4. Click on the “Copy CD/DVD” button on the top.
  5. Under the “Action” menu on the left, click the “Burn an image file” link. (Note that if this link is not selectable, then you might have no (or invalid) blank CD/DVD in your drive.)

  6. The window “Select the image file that you want to burn” opens, browse to the ISO file you wish to burn and click “Open“.
  7. A dialog box will appear asking “Do you want to burn…“, cilck “OK” to confirm.
  8. The burning process will start to extract files and burn to your CD/DVD. This process will take a few minutes depending on the size of the ISO file and the speed of your burner.