Bespoke Database Development

Every business has processes that are followed to produce a desired outcome. These processes in the majority of small to medium sized businesses are undertaken with the use of Excel spreadsheets, text based documents and stand alone applications. Wouldn’t it be wonderful however to automate these processes and bring everything together into a single system?

You could opt to buy an off the shelf system, however would it do the job and match every requirement? I often find that to think of a business and its processes it is linked and mixed together in such a unique way making it very difficult to find an off the shelf solution that matches your needs exactly. Everybody has their own way of doing things. Everybody has their own information that they want to retrieve.

Developing a bespoke database will provide you with a solution that matches your needs exactly. As an example one of the many systems that we have developed as a company are bespoke back office databases.

Imagine a Back Office Database that allows for customers to register their details and gain secure access to your product and service catalogue. Then imagine the customer making orders through your online catalogue and an invoice being generated automatically. This invoice can then be sent to the customer via email as well as being stored within their secure area of the system so that they can review it. The invoices are output as PDFs allowing them to be stored and sent electronically with the invoice number as the file name.

Then imagine an administration section whereby all customers, suppliers and invoices can be viewed and maintained as and when required.

What if the VAT rate changes, you can update the system settings therefore setting the new rate for all new invoice(s). You can also produce a VAT return and have this output in the desired and correct format with the ability to review the relevant calculations that were used to produce it.

So as you can gather database development can do a great variety of things and be developed in such a manner that allows it to match your business processes and requirements to the letter.