Bandwidth Monitor: The Best Device to Analyze the Network Speed

A bandwidth monitor is a type of software tool that is mainly used to monitor the bandwidth usages. It also gives you information like the Internet Protocol address and the card address. It is an easy to use tool by which the user can find out the correct speed of the Internet connection and can compare it with the speed offered in the plan by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The in-built computer tool is further, useful in providing daily, weekly or monthly bandwidth usage reports. It also records the usage and helps you fine-tune the connection. Any network connections whether it Internet network connection, LAN network connection or VPN connection, it can be monitored using this tool. It is compatible with all the Windows program and works with most of the network connections like ADSL, cable modem, VPN, ISDN, DSL, etc. Some of the bandwidth monitors are.

FreeMeter is a bandwidth monitor that contains a number of useful tools. These tools help follow a track of network, which the user uses. It represents graphically the details of the quantity of bytes downloaded and uploaded, time elapsed, speed of download and upload.

Net Limiter
Net Limiter comes with many tools for traffic control. It gives the statistics of connections and networks of a certain application or applications at a time. It also informs the user about the data usage, speed of download and upload and the accurate measurements.

Monitor Lite
The Monitor Lite software provides details of network, connectivity, and statistics graphically. It allows users to alter the display settings. The information displayed is synchronized and can be controlled through the interface regardless of time. This bandwidth monitor is suitable for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and all other 64-bit OS.

Monitor Pro
Monitor Pro helps the users monitor their network speed, speeds of download and upload, bandwidth usage, and the limits of their monthly bandwidth. It also provides details of each individual connection that is connected to the user’s computer and helps monitor the activities of total information for the user’s network connections. It also helps to tailor every feature of the interface like its appearance and presentation. It also allows to setup definite regulations.

Monitor Extreme
Bandwidth Monitor Extreme helps the individuals or organizations to observe the Internet access. It can monitor ISP restrictions, traffic of local area network and connections. It also provides facilities to manage their network profiles. This Bandwidth Monitor has the capability to disable all Internet connections while reaching the monthly bandwidth limit.