6 of the Best and Most Popular Twitter Tools

There are several social networking sites that are available in the market and all are working extremely hard to be the best platform to express views, share special moments and many more wonderful features. Twitter is one of the sites that have millions of followers across the globe. But when it comes to using the tools, it can be quite confusing to choose which one is the best that will help manage your twitter accounts. Below are top 6 Twitter tools that help in managing Twitter account efficiently and are widely used by social media experts:

  1. Triberr

This is a wonderful tool that helps you expand your reach by joining different tribes of similar bloggers in this social networking site. Users simply need to plug in an RSS feed, after which the members of the tribe can tweet new post. You can either tweet manually after reviewing and approval of the posts or you can set yourself up for automatic tweeting of posts of the other members.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is a very interesting tool that gives you the chance to tweet in a smart way. In order to shorten the links being scheduled, its inbuilt URL shortening can be used. It is an extremely essential tool used by social media experts since it allows them to determine what audiences love the most out of contents that are shared by them throughout the day.

  1. TweetDeck

This is a wonderful Twitter management tool that creates specific columns, making it very easy and useful in organizing twitter activity. Its interface is extremely easy to use, creates shortened URLs, helps while sending longer messages and provides various other useful features.

  1. paper.li

This is a unique and very advanced application used by the social media experts that allows every user to collect and combine tweets into any newspaper style format. It can even be automatically shared on individual Twitter accounts. It is a helpful tool for collecting top tweets from people on any specific Twitter list, tweets from the followers or even anyone who uses a certain #hashtag. Due to its unique features, this tool is appreciated and used by the majority.

  1. Hootsuite

This is among the personal favorite twitter tools used by professional social media experts around the world. Hootsuite is a free tool for those who wish to manage less than 5 social profiles. But if you are looking for the Pro version, then it is also not that steep. At just the price of $5.99 per month, it lets you manage unlimited social profiles with enhanced analytics. Apart from handling your Twitter account, it also helps you to manage your other social networking accounts quickly and easily.

  1. Tweepi

Tweepi helps you to easily understand and make a quick analysis of the present data in your account as well as others’. This tool provides you with numerous ways of searching the users who might be keen about your brand. Once you have found your group of targeted users, you can interact with all of them by just ‘@mentioning’ them, ‘following’ or ‘adding to list’. Twitter sends notifications to such users through SMS and email. And if they are genuinely interested, then they can check your profile easily and follow back. It also allows you to flush out your unfollowers.

Social media experts are using several Twitter tools that have made their lives extremely easier to check and track the status of every update or post. If you want to get noticed, using any of the Twitter tools mentioned above is better than using no tools at all.

Eileen Burton is a small town girl who has an endless passion in blogging, social media marketing and everything tech. Currently working in an assignment consultancy in UK, she also loves to read a lot especially the novels of her favorite author Dan Brown.