Trouble Launching Applications in Mac and Data Recovery Solutions

Apple has developed Macintosh operating system with all the advanced technology and therefore it is popular among its users. Moreover, as Apple has its punch line on Mac OS based computers, that you can do almost anything with it, the Mac computers are indeed capable of doing things securely and believed to be less problematic. However, sometimes errors in launching applications may round your brain a complete 360 degree. You just don’t even find a thread to solve the issue and want any Mac data recovery utility to recover back your inaccessible data from the drive.

It is quite frustrating that you are urgently trying to launch an application and it simply goes away after bouncing in the dock. You are only able to use the Finder and the Terminal applications. Moreover, on clicking on the frequently used applications, you don’t get any response. Under such instance, the same thing happens each time you try to launch an application and you can neither access any application nor the related data thereof.

There can be three major reasons behind the above problem.

– One can be the existence of any software meant for non-launching of applications, that is preventing the applications to launch. - If it is not the case, then it may be due to the invalid.plist (property list file). These files carry the core foundation objects or the foundation kit. Hence, if there is any problem with these files, the Mac library fails to initialize and therefore launch the applications. - It may be due to the missing of the operating system files associated with these applications.

Whatever be the reason behind the problem, your aim is to fix the issue in order to get access to your valuable data related to these applications in the Mac drive. As it has been analyzed as an operating system issue, you need to reinstall the Mac OS.

Fresh installation of the operating system will cause data loss if you have only one single partition with the operating system in it. In such case, you need to restore the formatted data from the previously taken backup. If restoration from the backup fails, you have to buy any Mac recovery software and recover the data through it.

With Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software, you can easily recover all your formatted, lost or inaccessible mac data under any data loss condition. With easy-to-use functionality, the software has been designed for professionals to home users and supports all versions of Macintosh operating systems, 10.3.9 & later.