The Nokia C7 With The Symbian 3 Operating System With A Simple Touch User Interface

The Nokia C7 offers the Symbian 3 operating system with a simple touch user interface through tis 3.5 inch capacitive touch display. The phone has an 8 megapixel camera with full focus and a 3rd generation dual LED flash for poor light conditions, along with both Assisted GPS and GPS receivers for location based services such as Ovi Maps which is preloaded.

The handset offers a unified email client with push notification allowing you to instantly receive emails from multiple inboxes and email providers including GMail, Hotmail as well as personal domains and other POP/IMAP email accounts. Text and multimode messaging is also combined into one easy to use editor with fast typing available through the onscreen QWERTY keyboard along with the onscreen alphanumeric keypad. The phone also has many preloaded applications, and support for email attachments to be both opened and edited. Additionally, you have three customisable home screens, which you can alter the widgets, shortcuts, themes and more on, allowing you to effectively have three phones in one.

The C7 offers a compact and stylish design with a 3.5 inch nHD AMOLED display along with a dedicated camera key for the 8 megapixel camera with full focus and flash featured. The camera has up to tow times digital zoom for image capture, and up to three times digital zoom for video recording respectively, which is in High Definition with 720 pixel resolution. The handset also has a front facing VGA camera for self-portrait photo shots as well as enabling video calling. With 8 gigabytes of internal memory there is plenty of space for multimedia, and even more when you also have up to 32 gigabytes which you can use on a microSD card due to the slot featured on this phone.

The handset has a full HTML web browser with simple touch control and FLash lite 4.0 allowing you to visit Flash websites and web applications as well. You also have unified home screen access to both Facebook and Twitter social networks, through the Nokia Social Client, which also makes uploading and sharing media to social networks quick and easy too. The handset also features in-car and foot navigation along with full maps through its Ovi maps application, games with 3D graphics support, and a music player for entertainment on the move.

The Nokia C7 is a compact handset featuring a powerful 8 megapixel camera in addition to its easy to use user interface and its integrated social networking and location based services. Its messaging capabilities are also impressive.