PC Support For Juniper Junos Network Operating System

Juniper Networks, founded in 1996, is a leading computer networking products manufacturing company today. It main products are switches,routers,firewall,VPN networks, intrusion detection system,etc. Junos is basically a network operating system designed and developed by Juniper Networks for its hardware systems. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is supplied with Junos NOS to the customers to provide additional customization. Using the SDK for Junos customization could be difficult for the beginners, for which the service from a network support provider could be of immensely helpful.

Basic Features
The basic advantages of Junos are- one software,one release and one architecture. That means Junos is an uniform cohesive network operating system that is used across all network routers. This helps develop NOS only once and use the features across all networking products simultaneously.

Each new version of Junos is launched at the same time for all network routers. It’s each module has separate protected memory space to run, which prevents one module from interfering with another. Each module could be restarted if necessary. All these features result in exceptionally high performance and robust security. To make proper use of all features, an experienced PC support provider should be consulted.

Junos Applications
Software modules for IP routing protocol, chassis management,networking and interface are provided in the Junos package. All pf Juniper’s routers of M series, MX series, J series and T series employ Junos. J series routers are suitable for the remote edge distributed networks. M series routers are generally used data center and Multi Label Switching applications. While all of the M series routers feature pleonastic power and cooling, some models like M10i,M20,M120,M160 and M320 sport fully redundant hardware, which comprises switch interface, packet forwarding and routing components. M120 routers have Forwarding Engine Board(FEB) fail-over which acts as a backup in the case of FEB failure. To select a router for one particular application, the advice of a network support provider should be taken.

Architecture Of Routing Process
The two components which handle routing process are Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine. Since control operations like system management and routing updates are separated from packet forwarding, the performance of router is improved considerably.

Routing Engine
Routing updates and system management are handled by Routing Engine. It comprises software modules for routing protocol. All routing protocol,interface,chassis and system processes are managed by Routing Engine. These software modules run on the top of kernel which is interfaced with the Packet Forwarding Engine. All data packets received from the network are transferred to the routing Engine. Since all software functions are divided into separate processes,  failure of one process does not affect other software processes adversely. Every routing protocol has complete set of IP features and offers flexibility modifying and filtering routes. Routing protocols are configured as per the routing parameters such as Border Gateway Protocol attributes, prefix and prefix length. The Junos routing tables are developed to hold all routes employed in current and future networks.  Because of its scalability, huge numbers of virtual circuits and interfaces are supported by Junos. It features a Command Line Interface (CLI),craft interface and Simple Network Management Protocol which make the system management much simpler and easier. Storage upgrades are made possible by storing microcode,configuration files and system images in one primary and two secondary storage systems. Memory configuration is quite a difficult task which should be done with the help of a PC support provider.

Packet Forwarding Engine
Layer 2 and layer 3 packet switching,route look ups and packet forwarding are performed by Packet Forwarding Engine. It transfers packets between the input and output interfaces. While J series routers feature only one Packet Forwarding Engines, the M series routers have pleonastic Packet Forwarding Engines.

Network Support For Junos
The configuration of Junos is quite complicated task which should be done with help of an experienced PC support provider. Juniper itself provides extensive network support for Junos configuration and troubleshooting. Apart from that many third party vendors render online PC support to fix Junos troubles.