Make a Web Page

Make a Web Page is an article where you will learn how to make your own web page. This step by step guide will show you the process of how it is possible for just about anyone to be able to make their own web page!!!

This is a very simple process and can be done in just 7 short steps!!

Step 1) Get a Domain name – e.g. johnsmith.com. This is your very own piece of real estate on the web! This being true you will have to pay around $12 a year to get one, but shop around to find the best value.

Step 2) Get a Hosting company – Basically a hosting company is a company that connects your website to the World Wide Web. Hosting packages can vary but suspect to pay not much more than $10/15 a month for a good host. Make sure you shop around for the best prices.

Step 3) Download a HTML editor – Sounds complicated but it’s not. This is just where you will create and edit your web page. This is where a lot of people spend too much money! For this reason I would recommend “Kompozer” because it is free and easy to use!

Step 4) Design the web page – You can spend a lot of time on this and you should, but for the sake of this article I want you to create a simple webpage with just these words “My First Web Page”. When you have done this save the file to your desktop under the name “index”.

Step 5) Download an FTP Client – This is just a piece of software that transfers your files – to your hosting company – and then to the internet and more specifically to your domain. I would recommend “Filezilla” once again because it is free and easy to use!!

Step 6) Upload your Web Page – Open Filezilla and connect to your hosting company. Find the desktop folder and the file “index” should be there. Click and drag the file to your hosting companies public_html folder. It’s Uploaded!!

Step 7) Final step – This is the exciting part! Open internet explorer and type in your domain name……. wait a few seconds and…… “My First Web Page”. Congratulations you have completed the Make a Web Page process and you have your first website up and running!!!

I know it’s a bit of an information overload but have a coffee, take a break then read the article again. This is a process and like all processes it can be learned!