Knowing the Differences Between Laptops, Notebooks and Netbooks

In this age where technology reigns, it is almost a necessity to have your own portable computer, be it a laptop, notebook, or netbook. But wait, aren’t all of these the same? The short answer – no. They are all names for different types of portable computers. How are they different? That’s the long answer, and that’s what this article would discuss.

Laptop Computers

The laptop was brought about by the ever-increasing need of people for portability and accessibility. Computers have become an integral part of everyday processes and so there became a need to take this technology wherever you go.

The first laptops were manufactured in the mid-1970’s, and the technology for laptops has evolved greatly since then. They are classified as mobile computers, incorporating all the necessary elements of a desktop computer, namely the monitor, keyboard, mouse (touchpads on most laptops), speakers, power supply (a rechargeable battery for laptops), and the CPU itself.

The main selling point of laptops is the portability it provides, getting more things done even while away from your home – in the coffee shop, while travelling, while waiting for your ride, etc. Inexpensive laptop computers have also surfaced, but we’ll get to that later.

Laptop Notebook Computers

The notebook, on the other hand, is the newer form of laptops. Simply put, the notebook is the lighter, more compact version of the laptop. The laptop, especially the older models, albeit portable, is heavy and bulky.

Of course people want to have their laptops easy to carry around and much more streamlined to fit into bags without looking like a huge lump. Notebooks and laptops have all the necessary components in common – it’s just the size that’s different. They needed to be given new names because the technology put into creating these notebooks to significantly reduce size is newly developed.

Netbook Computers

And then comes the netbook. They can be considered as the most inexpensive laptop computers. That is because they are notebooks (which are lighter versions of laptops) that have their capabilities tuned mainly only for internet use. Most have expanded to include at least word processors, but their main use is still to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi in the places that support it. They were first introduced to the market in late 2007, and they have been steadily increasing in specifications since then.

Notebooks and Laptops

When choosing between the three which one you want to buy, you need to bear in mind what you want the portable computer for. That is the major factor in deciding between a laptop computer, a laptop notebook computer, and a netbook computer.

If you are going to do some major work such as video editing or heavy online gaming, you need the power of a laptop. If you just need it for simpler processes such as light gaming and other applications, you can try to see if a notebook would suffice for you.

If all you need is internet access and some word processing, then the netbook would be the one for you, at the same time giving you huge savings. It would be impractical to buy a top-of-the-line laptop when all you’re going to do is to check your MySpace page.