Credit Cards at College Campuses

If you currently attend a college or university, you probably have noticed credit card companies that will attend your campus handing out free items such as t-shirts, mugs, etc. What makes these set-ups so popular is that most college students love free things and will sign up for just about anything for a free item they will never use.

What students don’t realize is that they are most likely signing up for their first credit card. When signing up for your first credit card, it’s important that you research what you’re getting yourself into. Even though a credit card requires no money to sign up, it can cause you a world of hurt in the future if you don’t use them properly.

Like any purchase you make in your life, it always involves comparison shopping. It shouldn’t make a difference with credit cards. Every credit card is unique in a way ranging from its interest rate to reward points. This is something you should really research before signing your name on the dot for a t-shirt that’s too large.

Now we’re not saying that the companies setting up these kiosks at your school are bad, in fact they are usually from major companies such as VISA and MasterCard. All of these companies are legit and offer great credit cards. The fact we are trying to push is that they may be pushing a card to you that you might not benefit from.

There are a lot of different types of student credit cards. Everything from gas rewards to cash rewards, they have something for you. It’s pointless nowadays to apply for a credit card that offers no rewards at all. The only time you may find that a credit card offers no rewards is if you’re applying for a bad credit credit card.

The best way to usually look for a credit card for you is to either do your research online or ask around. If your friends already have a credit card, ask them a few questions about it and ask them what it has to offer. You won’t get all the answers you’re looking for but you’ll get a decent idea. The best way besides asking around is browsing around on the internet. Many websites such as VISA have a very informative website that tells you exactly what the card has to offer and what benefits you’re going to have when you receive your card in the mail.

The next time you see a tent at your school; don’t be afraid to stop by. In fact, it might be best to stop by and ask the people behind the booth a few questions. If you don’t like what you hear from them, walk away. It’s not going to hurt anything. If you really want that free item, you can get it in many other ways. It’s best that your first credit card is built for you. You shouldn’t let a free item influence your decision toward a credit card that may not benefit you.